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to completely miss the basket, rim, net, and backboard with a shot, usually in basketball.


The coach stood there, completely confrazzled at how one of his players could ever miss the basket with a craptacular airball.

The MVP’s airball fail caused a hullabaloo at the stadium.

#sports #basketball


  1. a wordoid for a person, entity, or organization (i.e. stock news provider) that follows and monitors the stocks of brands and products that celebrities endorse, own, or use
  2. following the stock market’s reaction to a celebrity engagement or intervention on a company or product

Today’s stockarazzi report takes a look at how the stock market reacts to this new doohickey being endorsed by this hottie Youtube celebutant.

My work as a stockarazzi involves internetting about new celebrity engagements with brands and how this positively or negatively affects the brands.

#celebrity #entertainment #realitytv #news #information #moneymatters #finance #money


  1. a shorter term for “anti-fascist”
  2. a conglomeration of autonomous, self-styled anti-fascist groups in the United States – the salient feature of antifa groups is their opposition to fascism by direct action

Bruh, did you go to the antifa rally yesternight?

Antifa protesters gathered at the rally.

#people #group #circle #politics


  1. a situation where an interviewer or a person who asks a question doesn’t get a concrete answer from an interviewee who’s just conwaying his or her answer; a situation where an interviewer gets a nonsense response from an interviewee
  2. a situation wherein an interviewee speaks in so many logical fallacies and so much gibberish that the interviewer is left perplexed, or isn’t sure if the interviewee actually gave the right answer or not
  3. the act of having deflected and avoided answering a question by doing the following:
    • Deflect (take a keyword from the question, repeat the keyword, then go on tangent)
    • Exploit the interviewer’s politeness
    • Pass the buck to someone else
    • Make something up that doesn’t make sense at all

Conwayed! Told you bro, she speaks so much jabberwocky it’s hard to get direct answers from her. I think she’s hiding something so much, it’s already myspicious.

Gurl 1: Wait, I’m so confused by that nitwit’s response.
Gurl 2: Sis you just got conwayed FYI.

#expressions #nonsense #foolish #difficult #question #answer #response #conflict #dispute #discussion #argument


when online advertisers, for fear of backlash, withdraw their ads on certain channels, websites, and apps that have questionable content, resulting in content creators seeing their ad revenues from something lucrative to just a little or even nada.


Youtube content creators have been outraged by the just recent adpocalypse and all the hullabaloo around it.

The Instagram celebutant has been internetting all day on Google and also on Facebook, searching for and asking her peeps on how to deal with the adpocalypse.

#internet #online #content #business #entrepreneurship #advertisement #promotion

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  1. a person who is obsessed with anime, figures, manga, and the Japanese popculture in general.
  2. a non-Japanese person who treats anime like the greatest thing ever to be created, rejects American things because they think they are inferior to Japanese things by default, uses Japanese words in otherwise English sentences (e.g. “kawaii” and “desu”), owns a waifu pillow, or many other Japanese-influenced stuff
  3. a one-syllable contraction of “weeaboo”, which is internet for “wapanese”

Weeb: Nyaaa! Sugio hentai kawaii desu!!

Normal person: Huh? You’re not Japanese, bruh
Weeb: Don’t call me bro, you baka! Call me Senpai-San!

Dude, I showed my mom that dank anime yesternight and she finished the whole series in a day. Schnizballs, I created a weeb!

#people #japan #japanese #popculture #culture #fanatic #obsession


to engage in an online war using fake news and propaganda with scandalous and intriguing clickbait titles, images, and links.


There has been a circulating news on Facebook about Russian intelligence engaging in a clickskreig to degrade western election and democracy.

Clickskreig activities are for simpleton bozos who don’t have anything better to do with their lives.

#activity #internet #online #false #fake #news #war #scandal #controversy

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to make use of the internet or to find something (e.g. information) on the internet.


Hey buddy enough with your internetting! You’ve been at it since yesternight!

According to my internetting the hubbub at the palooza was started by this celebutant bozo.

#internet #activity

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a wordoid used to refer to a huge fan of the Star Trek series of film franchise.


Her fanboy hubby has the entire 3 seasons of the original Star Trek on DVD. What a trekkie!

Yes i’m a trekkie, but I’m definitely not a dimwit bozo.

#fanatic #celebrity #film #series #entertainment #hollywood #tvshow #popculture

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