A type of spiritual villian. The Bannonite is a street-wise pugnacious nihilist who wields an enlightened confidence in the anti-progress glory for this most unredeemable of all centuries. A prophet of salvation through self-preservation. A seducer of the weak and frightened souls. The leader of the fallen and the companion of the damned.

Although the term is made popular today due to rise to power of Steve Bannon, Shakespeare was the first author to discover the Bannonite concept when he meditated on the the nature and the essence of the Devil. Shakespeare’s most memorable persona are Bannonites, such as Iago, Edmund and Hamlet. If Shakespeare was still alive he would sue the GOP for copyright infringement. Humanity has not yet discovered a type of literary villain more sinister than the Bannonite. We still see Bannonite villains all the time in novels and films — for instance Tyler in Fight Club, the Joker from a Batman movie.

Putin: Now that we’ve put the Bannonites in the White House, everything is on its course.
Reporter: What will happen?
Putin: What happens in a typical Shakespearean tragedy?
Reporter: (thinking) … Everyone dies?
Putin: Yes, my dear comrade. Everyone dies.

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