1. the combination of New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin’s last name and the word “insanity”
  2. the hype, rage, and rise to fame of the Knicks’ starting point guard Jeremy Lin who spontaneously stunned the world with his amazing underdog story. He’s become an icon for people everywhere, and is drawing widespread attention over the racial boundaries surrounding him, his success, and his astounding playing skill
  3. the term used by NBA stars, sports pundits, celebrities and basketball fans alike to describe the phenomenon surrounding Jeremy Lin who went from being overlooked by multiple teams to breaking records in the game that is basketball. The unlikelihood of this occurrence is what made the term so contagious
  4. the coolness of each and everything that Jeremy Lin does

I’m feel the Linsanity everytime I watch Jeremy Lin score!

The Linsanity has caused basketball fans and people everywhere to feel it with each move that he does.

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