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  1. a wordoid that is a combination of the words “short” or “street”, and “language”
  2. a type of language that consists of words and phrases that are regarded as very informal, are more common in speech than writing, and are typically restricted to a particular context or group of people

Whatevs bruh, your slang is a bit too much of a jabberwocky.

I couldn’t understand my screenager as she uses too much hogwash slang when texting.

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a person who is overly talkative in emails or text.


Gurl, you should get a job. You’re so typeractive like that’s your only life IMHO.

My tinderella date is so typeractive, she messages me while we’re having dinner together.

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a re-posting of a tweet to quickly share with all of an account’s followers on Twitter.


I just retweeted Mr. Obama’s perfect twoosh and it’s already gaining massive engagement!

Sometimes users type “RT” at the beginning of a Tweet to let others know that they are retweeting someone else’s tweet.

The celebutant’s tweet about this new food fad gained thousands of retweet, thanks to the fad’s virality factor.

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  1. a device that is a combination of a phone and a tablet, combining the best features of the two (e.g. the functionalities of a phone and the size of a tablet)
  2. a class of mobile devices combining or straddling the size format of smartphones and tablets

Boo can you hand me my phablet please, I just need to call someone.

After just a month of toying with her brand new smartphone, my screenager now wants a phablet for Thanksgivukkah.

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  1. animated emoji
  2. emojis that talk and sync to a person’s face

Peeps, you have to try this out – this animoji is lit!

Facebook and Twitter exploded with animoji use since the launch of this new, dope way of digital expression.

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  1. a mesh of the words “web” and log”; a log of thoughts, opinions, images, news, facts, and other stuff that are posted on a website
  2. a regularly updated website, typically one that is run by an individual or a group, that is written in an informal or conversational style

Bruh, I just read your blog – I hope you don’t mind if I put in some suggestions.

My wifey runs a dope blog about the perks of being a work at home mom and how to earn passive moolah from it. It’s amazeballs how much she’s raking in!

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a person who asks many stupid, senseless, pointless, or obnoxious questions.


Bruh, could you please stop being an askhole with all those beerboarding and get straight to the point.

You know you’re being an insensibitch with all those questions, askhole.

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juicy internet title, content, or image used as bait, that encourages users to click on a link to a web page that is often considered to be misleading, or of low quality or value.


This misleading infotainment article on the Brangelina split is such a stupid clickbait.

Oftentimes, catchy articles being shared by peeps on Facebook and Twitter are mostly clickbaits wanting to get more traffic.

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the anticipation being felt when waiting for a response to a text message.


Gaah! I can’t stand this feeling of textpectation – I love my boo but it seems he ain’t texting back!

Gurl, you should just stop textpecting. It’s for your own good.

I’m still in a state of textpectation, hoping I finally get that positive response from the recruiter at Google.

#stateofmind #expressions #expectation #anticipation #communication #messaging

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  1. combination of the words “pin” and “interest”; the act of saving or “pinning” something that is of interest to a pinboard
  2. a web and mobile application startup designed to discover information on the internet; a “catalog of ideas”, that inspires users to “go out and do that thing”
  3. an online sharing platform where users can upload, save, sort, and manage images, videos, and other media content through collections known as pinboards. Content can also be found outside of Pinterest and similarly uploaded to a pinboard via the “Pin It” button

I usually add to Pinterest everything I want on the internet.

I am more inclined to share on Pinterest than on Facebook.

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