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manspreading, or less commonly referred to as man-sitting, is the practice of men sitting in public subways and buses or any other form of public transport with legs spread wide apart to “make more room” for their genitalia, thereby covering more than one seat.


Bruh, can you stop manspreading please? Give the nice old lady some space.

The wide manspreading has come under fire on the internet by feminists who insist the practice inconveniently takes up too much space on crowded trains.

The poor guy needed to remasculate after ladies at the subway lectured him about the negative effects of manspreading.

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  1. a portion of the road, mostly found in New Jersey, U.S.A., that curves tightly to form a shape resembling the handle of a jug
  2. a type of ramp or slip road that changes the way traffic turns left at an at-grade intersection (in a country where traffic drives on the right), forcing drivers approaching major intersections to exit to the right prior to making a left (or sometimes both a left and right) turn

Take the jughandle at the first exit to reach highway 101.

My first time in New Jersey and I’m already biffsquiggled AF seeing all those jughandles!

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