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  1. a situation where an interviewer or a person who asks a question doesn’t get a concrete answer from an interviewee who’s just conwaying his or her answer; a situation where an interviewer gets a nonsense response from an interviewee
  2. a situation wherein an interviewee speaks in so many logical fallacies and so much gibberish that the interviewer is left perplexed, or isn’t sure if the interviewee actually gave the right answer or not
  3. the act of having deflected and avoided answering a question by doing the following:
    • Deflect (take a keyword from the question, repeat the keyword, then go on tangent)
    • Exploit the interviewer’s politeness
    • Pass the buck to someone else
    • Make something up that doesn’t make sense at all

Conwayed! Told you bro, she speaks so much jabberwocky it’s hard to get direct answers from her. I think she’s hiding something so much, it’s already myspicious.

Gurl 1: Wait, I’m so confused by that nitwit’s response.
Gurl 2: Sis you just got conwayed FYI.

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  1. a mesh of the words “web” and log”; a log of thoughts, opinions, images, news, facts, and other stuff that are posted on a website
  2. a regularly updated website, typically one that is run by an individual or a group, that is written in an informal or conversational style

Bruh, I just read your blog – I hope you don’t mind if I put in some suggestions.

My wifey runs a dope blog about the perks of being a work at home mom and how to earn passive moolah from it. It’s amazeballs how much she’s raking in!

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a person who asks many stupid, senseless, pointless, or obnoxious questions.


Bruh, could you please stop being an askhole with all those beerboarding and get straight to the point.

You know you’re being an insensibitch with all those questions, askhole.

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filling a conversation with unnecessary detail about one’s passion to an otherwise uninitiated, uninterested layperson.


The peeps of this convohog are immediately disengaged in the discussion the moment she started nerdjacking.

Bruh, can you stop nerdjacking please. You know I’m not interested in your craptacular activities.

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a seminar that is conducted online with the use of an internet connection, a mic, a webcam, and a webinar software.


Usually I conduct webinars and provide clients with infotainment to help me close some sales.

My ladyboss asked me to conduct a webinar with the key stakeholders of the company.

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  1. a conversation hog
  2. a person who overpowers everyone in a conversation; usually talking about oneself or one’s ideas more than anyone else in the table

Bruh, this convohog is always nerdjacking our discussions. I think it’s time to kick him out of the circle.

If this bish would just realize she’s already being a narcissistic convohog, I think she’d be embarrassed by it and would eventually stop. Well, I hope so.

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  1. a completely worthless conversation
  2. small talk

Just quit with all those nonversation and get straight to the point, bruh.

It’s amazeballs that this mooch that I know can hold nonversations with strangers any time of the day.

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