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  1. a wordoid for a person, entity, or organization (i.e. stock news provider) that follows and monitors the stocks of brands and products that celebrities endorse, own, or use
  2. following the stock market’s reaction to a celebrity engagement or intervention on a company or product

Today’s stockarazzi report takes a look at how the stock market reacts to this new doohickey being endorsed by this hottie Youtube celebutant.

My work as a stockarazzi involves internetting about new celebrity engagements with brands and how this positively or negatively affects the brands.

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a wordoid used to refer to a huge fan of the Star Trek series of film franchise.


Her fanboy hubby has the entire 3 seasons of the original Star Trek on DVD. What a trekkie!

Yes i’m a trekkie, but I’m definitely not a dimwit bozo.

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  1. “luxury” and “experience” combined; sometimes also spelled as “luxeperience”
  2. an upscale, luxurious experience, usually during one’s travels

Me and my whole fam went to Zurich for a luxperience at the fantabulous winter weekend event.

I always prefer luxperience travels over rough-it-out travels with my peeps.

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  1. a short publicity notice or description of a book, film, or other product written for promotional purposes
  2. to advertise or praise in the manner of a blurb; especially a laudatory one
  3. a small amount of text, usually beneath photographs in newspapers or on the inside cover or back of a book

She wrote an outstanding blurb for her sissum’s fantabulous novel.

Hey bruh, I’m blurbing you in my new book. What do you want it to say?

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the act of the last person who keeps clapping after everyone else has stopped.


The main event of last night’s craptacular show was the afterclap of that old bruh after the curtains went down.

So turnt up for the show he and his peeps have prepared for the recital, his mum did an embarrassing afterclap coupled with a misfive from one of the other stage mums.

#expressions #reactions #entertainment #funny #hilarious #embarrassing

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wearing costumes and attitudes that resemble and mimic those of characters from various forms of popular culture, or the subculture that engages in cosplay.


The attendees at the New York City cosplay event surely went over the top with their costumes this time.

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