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  1. a situation where an interviewer or a person who asks a question doesn’t get a concrete answer from an interviewee who’s just conwaying his or her answer; a situation where an interviewer gets a nonsense response from an interviewee
  2. a situation wherein an interviewee speaks in so many logical fallacies and so much gibberish that the interviewer is left perplexed, or isn’t sure if the interviewee actually gave the right answer or not
  3. the act of having deflected and avoided answering a question by doing the following:
    • Deflect (take a keyword from the question, repeat the keyword, then go on tangent)
    • Exploit the interviewer’s politeness
    • Pass the buck to someone else
    • Make something up that doesn’t make sense at all

Conwayed! Told you bro, she speaks so much jabberwocky it’s hard to get direct answers from her. I think she’s hiding something so much, it’s already myspicious.

Gurl 1: Wait, I’m so confused by that nitwit’s response.
Gurl 2: Sis you just got conwayed FYI.

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  1. a wordoid that is a combination of the words “short” or “street”, and “language”
  2. a type of language that consists of words and phrases that are regarded as very informal, are more common in speech than writing, and are typically restricted to a particular context or group of people

Whatevs bruh, your slang is a bit too much of a jabberwocky.

I couldn’t understand my screenager as she uses too much hogwash slang when texting.

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a wordoid used to refer to a meaningless language, speech, poem, or writing; nonsense.


The humdrum uses highfalutin jabberwocky to bamboozle people.

What jabberwocky are you saying, bro? It just leaves us confrazzled with all those senseless brouhaha.

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lacking excitement or variety; dull; dreary; monotonous.


Bro, I’m not doing this humdrum routine work, I need to do something exciting.

The association president gave a humdrum speech at their craptacular monthiversary celebration.

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to waste time, especially by being slow, loitering or delaying, or by not being able to make a decision.


Hey buddy, stop dillydallying around cuz we can’t miss your dentist appointment.

Enough with that dillydallying and take the scuzzbucket in your room!

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  1. a confused collection or mixture of different types of things that do not belong together or have been put together carelessly
  2. a jumble

The discussion we attended at the conference was a hodgepodge of different theories and ideas.

Schnizballs dude, why is there a hodgepodge of your stuff and scuzz in the toilet?

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