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a combination of the words “twin” and “winning”, it refers to identical thoughts or behavior, and the brilliance (or not) that comes with it.


Girl 1: OMG gurl, this skort I’m wearing looks just like what you’ve got on!

Girl 2: Twinning!

Guy 1: Bruh, I was about to say that too!

Guy 2: Twinning!

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a dope wordoid for the term brother; used to refer to, call the attention of, or greet a male brother, friend, or acquaintance.

It’s great seeing you again, bruh.

Bruh, remember that time we posted a Youtube video that went viral? It was lit AF!

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  1. short for brother, often used as a form of address
  2. a young man, especially one who socializes primarily with his male peers and enjoys lively pursuits

We are bros, so let’s stick together ayt?

Bro, let’s go to this dope party downtown and meet hotties.

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  1. a wordoid for a friend, pal, compatriot, comrade, or chum
  2. used to refer to a young one
  3. used as an informal and friendly address to a stranger; a friendly placeholder name for a person one does not know

I will be the best man at my buddy’s wedding. I’m so turnt up to this event!

Oops! Careful, buddy.

Yo buddy, dope weather we’re having, eh?

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  1. a wordoid for the word “cousin”
  2. a wordoid for the word “because”

It’s been a long time since we last saw each other. How’s Oxbridge? We need to catch up, cuz.

She forgot that she and her boo are celebrating their eleventh monthiversary today, maybe cuz she has a case of pregnesia?

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  1. means “family”
  2. refers to one’s family, circle, or group; the ones a person trusts and cares for dearly
  3. someone a person considers family

I so love my fam – they’re my core!

For spring break, me and my fam went to this dope resort at the Bahamas.

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  1. a affectionate wordoid for the term “wife”
  2. the significant other of a hubby

My wifey is the best and I love her big time!

Bruh, my wifey specifically asked that we dudevorce each other. I think she’s jealous.

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