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  1. whopper burger and burrito combined.
  2. a whopper in a burrito form

Sometimes you just want a burger, sometimes you just want a burrito. Enter the Whopperrito!

Obviously thirsty for its day of innovation, the peeps at the Burger King fam are wrapping their famous Whopper in a rad burrito form. And yes, it’s called the Whopperrito.

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a wordoid that means “ice cream”.


“Camtono” is the new word for “ice cream”, thanks to a baby girl named Delta who couldn’t possibly pronounce the words “ice cream” together, instead saying “camtono” each time she refers to ice cream.

Gurl, it’s sizzling hot in here! Let’s get some camtono.

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  1. wordoid for friends; members of a person’s circle
  2. a brand of marshmallow candies shaped in the form of a rabbit or a chick. Peeps are usually made available during the Easter holiday season to serve as treats or as part of the Easter egg hunt

Gurl, I’ll be at the club tonight with my peeps. Lemme know if you want to come.

Let’s add marshmallow peeps in swag bags for this Easter’s event.

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  1. sushi and burrito combined
  2. a sushi dish with custom or conventional sushi ingredients that is in the shape and form of a hand-held burrito

I’m so turnt up to get my hands on a sushirrito. I want it right now!

I’m glad the restobar downtown now serves sushirrito cuz they’re fam favorite.

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  1. restaurant and bar combined into one single gathering place
  2. a restaurant that also serves alcoholic drinks and has the characteristics of a bar or nightclub

We’ll be celebrating our monthiversary at this fantabulous restobar in Oxbridge.

My hubby and I, we’re thinking of opening our own restobar downtown.

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  1. a pastry that is a hybrid of a “croissant” and a “doughnut”
  2. a croissant-doughnut pastry invented by New York City pastry chef Dominique Ansel of Dominique Ansel Bakery; the pastry resembles a doughnut and is made from croissant-like dough which is filled with flavored cream and fried in oil

Hey buddy, let’s go get you some scrumdiddlyumptious whopperito or cronut and some sweet camtono cuz I don’t want you to go hangry again.

This new flaky cronut fad got everybody lining up at Chef Dominique Ansel’s New York City branch.

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