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an expression used to indicate surprise, amazement, embarrassment, or disbelief.


Holy schnizballs, gurl! Have you seen that hottie come up to me?

Schnizballs, I didn’t even know you have a blog!

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a wordoid that means “ice cream”.


“Camtono” is the new word for “ice cream”, thanks to a baby girl named Delta who couldn’t possibly pronounce the words “ice cream” together, instead saying “camtono” each time she refers to ice cream.

Gurl, it’s sizzling hot in here! Let’s get some camtono.

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a combination of the words “twin” and “winning”, it refers to identical thoughts or behavior, and the brilliance (or not) that comes with it.


Girl 1: OMG gurl, this skort I’m wearing looks just like what you’ve got on!

Girl 2: Twinning!

Guy 1: Bruh, I was about to say that too!

Guy 2: Twinning!

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a person who asks many stupid, senseless, pointless, or obnoxious questions.


Bruh, could you please stop being an askhole with all those beerboarding and get straight to the point.

You know you’re being an insensibitch with all those questions, askhole.

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  1. an intentional pun for the word masturbate by doing it on one’s own; coined to imply going out alone on a date with oneself
  2. to go out alone and enjoy one’s own company, with or without the need for other people

I’ve been stuck by my own, masturdating for five years of my life, until I met you, boo.

I don’t understand. She’s a hottie but it seems she’s always all alone on a masturdate.

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extracting secret information from a person, usually a friend or colleague, by getting them drunk.


Bish I know what you’re doing. Stop beerboarding cuz I ain’t giving you all the juicy deets.

He’s at it again, beerboarding his crunk peeps to get the latest on his ex. He just can’t move on.

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the act of the last person who keeps clapping after everyone else has stopped.


The main event of last night’s craptacular show was the afterclap of that old bruh after the curtains went down.

So turnt up for the show he and his peeps have prepared for the recital, his mum did an embarrassing afterclap coupled with a misfive from one of the other stage mums.

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  1. the combination of the words “man” and “boobs
  2. a wordoid used to describe unusually prominent breasts on a man; this usually occurs when fat gathers in a male’s chest, giving him the appearance of having breasts a female

Bruh, your moobs are starting to get disturbingly ginormous – I think you need to hit the gym already.

Having unpleasant moobs turned him from a hottie to a nottie.

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  1. Means covfefe, with no other definition or explanation. It literally means covfefe.
  2. Originated from Donald Trump’s tweet: “Despite the constant negative press covfefe”

“Covfefe” was trending in the United States as Twitter rushed to get its gags in.

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