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manspreading, or less commonly referred to as man-sitting, is the practice of men sitting in public subways and buses or any other form of public transport with legs spread wide apart to “make more room” for their genitalia, thereby covering more than one seat.


Bruh, can you stop manspreading please? Give the nice old lady some space.

The wide manspreading has come under fire on the internet by feminists who insist the practice inconveniently takes up too much space on crowded trains.

The poor guy needed to remasculate after ladies at the subway lectured him about the negative effects of manspreading.

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  1. a wordoid for the term “homeboy”
  2. an acquaintance from one’s town or neighborhood
  3. a member of one’s peer group or gang
  4. a close friend
  5. someone a person grew up with

What’s up homie?

All my homies are in this dope club tonight.

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  1. the combination of the words “man” and “boobs
  2. a wordoid used to describe unusually prominent breasts on a man; this usually occurs when fat gathers in a male’s chest, giving him the appearance of having breasts a female

Bruh, your moobs are starting to get disturbingly ginormous – I think you need to hit the gym already.

Having unpleasant moobs turned him from a hottie to a nottie.

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a dope wordoid for the term brother; used to refer to, call the attention of, or greet a male brother, friend, or acquaintance.

It’s great seeing you again, bruh.

Bruh, remember that time we posted a Youtube video that went viral? It was lit AF!

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  1. a rude, stupid, or insignificant person, especially a man
  2. a foolish or incompetent person

Bro, can you tell these bozos waiting in the coffice to get their facts straight?

Hooey! That ain’t true, you bozo!

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to re-establish one’s masculinity back after they have been shrunken by a particularly effeminate thought or activity.

I seriously need some dirty manly activities to remasculate after being stuck at my sister’s bridal shower last night.

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the bumping or pounding of clenched fists by two male friends, in a truly heterosexual manner that shows their friendship and their commitment to each other.


Noice one right there dude, brofist!

Doing brofists more often strengthens the bromance between two dudes.

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  1. a womanly transvestite; especially in South East Asia
  2. a male dressed as an attractive lady, often working as a guest relations officer or a prostitute

I’ve never been in a country where there’s this much bodacious ladyboys.

I met this fantabulous ladyboy in Bangkok and we formed a life-long friendship since then.

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