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a kind of relationship in which the couple only gets together for idyllic vacation-like excursions, therefore avoiding the “real-life” issues of a relationship.


She met this hottie online last summer, but he lives in New York City and doesn’t want to move, so they’ve struck up this very intense and passionate vacationship.

I think I just want to settle for vacationships with random people for the rest of my life – I think it would be fun without the issues of having an actual relationship.

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  1. wordoid for friends; members of a person’s circle
  2. a brand of marshmallow candies shaped in the form of a rabbit or a chick. Peeps are usually made available during the Easter holiday season to serve as treats or as part of the Easter egg hunt

Gurl, I’ll be at the club tonight with my peeps. Lemme know if you want to come.

Let’s add marshmallow peeps in swag bags for this Easter’s event.

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the rare convergence of the American Thanksgiving holiday and the first day of the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah on Thursday, 28 November 2013.


You know, it’s not every year you experience Thanksgivukkah, so enjoy it while it lasts.

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repeated status updates on social media, noting one’s exotic or far away location, or a nearby interesting spot in an attempt to get attention or make other people jealous.


As if his columbusing and smoasting is not enought, he’s out there geobragging his every spot on Facebook and Instagram.

Oh so she’s geobragged about her trip to the Eiffel Tower again, eh? Meh, not even interested.

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a vacation or a holiday; also commonly spelled as “vaca”.


I’m so turnt up for our vacay in the tropics!

The celebutant couple jetted off to an undisclosed location for a romantic vacay.

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  1. a mutual agreement to suspend holiday gifting for at least one season or a given time, usually within a single family, group of colleagues, or circle of friends
  2. the act of foregoing or replacing a rather useless and pointless merchandise with something more meaningful, such as a charitable donation, project, or holiday get-together
  3. the biggest nightmare of Walmart, Alibaba, and Amazon

Our group decided that degifting would be our plan for the nearing Thanksgivukkah.

My hubby and I are planning on degifting for a change. We’ll be volunteering instead of gifting craptacular stuff.

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