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manspreading, or less commonly referred to as man-sitting, is the practice of men sitting in public subways and buses or any other form of public transport with legs spread wide apart to “make more room” for their genitalia, thereby covering more than one seat.


Bruh, can you stop manspreading please? Give the nice old lady some space.

The wide manspreading has come under fire on the internet by feminists who insist the practice inconveniently takes up too much space on crowded trains.

The poor guy needed to remasculate after ladies at the subway lectured him about the negative effects of manspreading.

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a person who asks many stupid, senseless, pointless, or obnoxious questions.


Bruh, could you please stop being an askhole with all those beerboarding and get straight to the point.

You know you’re being an insensibitch with all those questions, askhole.

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juicy internet title, content, or image used as bait, that encourages users to click on a link to a web page that is often considered to be misleading, or of low quality or value.


This misleading infotainment article on the Brangelina split is such a stupid clickbait.

Oftentimes, catchy articles being shared by peeps on Facebook and Twitter are mostly clickbaits wanting to get more traffic.

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bad-tempered, argumentative, and uncooperative; difficult or irritating to deal with.


Hooey! This is why people don’t like talking to a crusty, cantankerous old wackadoodle.

A cantankerous riffraff doesn’t belong to the anti-bullying society.

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  1. a person who is a bore or nuisance
  2. a pestering, nagging, or irritating person

Nobody wants to hang around with that nudnik cuz all he does is to convohog the night away.

She always dreads fam gatherings, as her nudnik of a hubby always pisses people off.

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a form of entertainment that is so annoyingly and irritatingly entertaining, it’s hard to stop watching it.


Geez, this docusoap is irritainment to me!

I love watching any form of irritainment on TV cuz it’s very relatable, IMHO.

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filling a conversation with unnecessary detail about one’s passion to an otherwise uninitiated, uninterested layperson.


The peeps of this convohog are immediately disengaged in the discussion the moment she started nerdjacking.

Bruh, can you stop nerdjacking please. You know I’m not interested in your craptacular activities.

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  1. a conversation hog
  2. a person who overpowers everyone in a conversation; usually talking about oneself or one’s ideas more than anyone else in the table

Bruh, this convohog is always nerdjacking our discussions. I think it’s time to kick him out of the circle.

If this bish would just realize she’s already being a narcissistic convohog, I think she’d be embarrassed by it and would eventually stop. Well, I hope so.

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a person who continues texting or talking on his or her phone so as to be rude or inconsiderate of other people.


Gurl, I’m gonna have to go cellfish for now – he’s coming!

Honestly bruh, she’s quite an insensibitch for being so cellfish when I took her to meet my folks for the first time.

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