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manspreading, or less commonly referred to as man-sitting, is the practice of men sitting in public subways and buses or any other form of public transport with legs spread wide apart to “make more room” for their genitalia, thereby covering more than one seat.


Bruh, can you stop manspreading please? Give the nice old lady some space.

The wide manspreading has come under fire on the internet by feminists who insist the practice inconveniently takes up too much space on crowded trains.

The poor guy needed to remasculate after ladies at the subway lectured him about the negative effects of manspreading.

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  1. the combination of the words “man” and “boobs
  2. a wordoid used to describe unusually prominent breasts on a man; this usually occurs when fat gathers in a male’s chest, giving him the appearance of having breasts a female

Bruh, your moobs are starting to get disturbingly ginormous – I think you need to hit the gym already.

Having unpleasant moobs turned him from a hottie to a nottie.

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  1. a “bro” and a “programmer”
  2. a wordoid for a stereotypically masculine programmer

My brogrammer colleague is always the first to testiculate how correct his program is all the time.

After being slammed by our ladyboss, our brogrammer had to immediately remasculate.

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  1. a “bro” and a “flake”
  2. a guy who is easily offended by views which conflict with their own world view
  3. one who flakes on a non-bro, in favor of a bro activity

I’m not sure if he’ll come because he’s had such a history of being a broflake.

This guy was dumped by his girlfriend for being a broflake after he had to testiculate ‘Not all men!’ during her engaging talk on sexual assault and feminism.

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the combination of the words “brother” and “romance”; a very close, emotionally intense, non-sexual bonding relationship and exceptional affection between two men that exceeds that of the usual friendship. This is not considered as a homosexual relationship, but sometimes may be joked about by people close to the two.

Gurl, your boyfriend and his best bruh are spending more time together than you and your boyfriend do. This bromance has got to stop!

These two best bros are a great example of bromance. They literally know each other better than anyone else.

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