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  1. a situation where an interviewer or a person who asks a question doesn’t get a concrete answer from an interviewee who’s just conwaying his or her answer; a situation where an interviewer gets a nonsense response from an interviewee
  2. a situation wherein an interviewee speaks in so many logical fallacies and so much gibberish that the interviewer is left perplexed, or isn’t sure if the interviewee actually gave the right answer or not
  3. the act of having deflected and avoided answering a question by doing the following:
    • Deflect (take a keyword from the question, repeat the keyword, then go on tangent)
    • Exploit the interviewer’s politeness
    • Pass the buck to someone else
    • Make something up that doesn’t make sense at all

Conwayed! Told you bro, she speaks so much jabberwocky it’s hard to get direct answers from her. I think she’s hiding something so much, it’s already myspicious.

Gurl 1: Wait, I’m so confused by that nitwit’s response.
Gurl 2: Sis you just got conwayed FYI.

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  1. foolish or inconsequential talk.
  2. to talk in a foolish or simple-minded way; chatter; babble
  3. to utter or make meaningless sounds suggestive of the chatter of children

They prattled on into the night, discussing school, music, and the upcoming palooza.

She spent an hour on the phone with her sissum prattling on about the hottie she met in school.

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(also spelled as cockamamy) ridiculous, pointless, implausible, or nonsensical.


LOL! Of all the hogwash cockamamy excuses I ever heard, this is the best one yet.

The egghead went to join a tweetup wherein attendees will discuss a fad but cockamine theory.

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a wordoid used to refer to a meaningless language, speech, poem, or writing; nonsense.


The humdrum uses highfalutin jabberwocky to bamboozle people.

What jabberwocky are you saying, bro? It just leaves us confrazzled with all those senseless brouhaha.

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  1. a sticky and amorphous substance, something typically unpleasant
  2. a soft, shapeless lump of something
  3. worthless, hogwash, or overly sentimental writing, music, or other content

Schnizballs! I’m not eating that gloop of a glop!

The virality of this gloppy music is just ridonkulous dude.

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a stupid person; a dunderhead.


Dude, don’t be such a blockhead, you nudnik!

Only a real blockhead would think that this hottie had literally said the words “luv you” to him, amirite?

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  1. a stupid person; a blockhead
  2. a person with no intelligence

Hmm, wonder how long it would take the dunderheads at the coffice to screw things up and create another hubbub.

Schnizballs! Don’t be such a dunderhead, bruh.

#people #stateofmind #expressions #nonsense #idiot #ignorant #stupid #foolish

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