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to completely miss the basket, rim, net, and backboard with a shot, usually in basketball.


The coach stood there, completely confrazzled at how one of his players could ever miss the basket with a craptacular airball.

The MVP’s airball fail caused a hullabaloo at the stadium.

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less often called “footie”; a wordoid for the term “football”.


My hubby loves footy – he’s funtastic to look at when he’s watching it, even if the match is anything but craptacular.

I’m heading to the pub tonight and watch footy. Care to join me?

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a prayerful victory stance derived from NFL quarterback Tim Tebow’s popular antic.


After the athlete was done with his crinning, he then proceeded to do the Tebowing stance.

Stop Tebowing around dude – you look like a simpleton every single time you do that.

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someone who is chosen to carry the torch in the torch relay.


The torchlete was carefully selected from hundreds of international athletes gathered in the event.

I can see the frubble in his eyes as his torchlete son proudly carried the torch into the middle of the stadium.

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when athletes cry because they’re so happy to be winning.


Uh oh, he’s crinning again! Would it be better if he just did not win the next time?

These photographers at the finish line are all geared up to capture those rad crinning moments.

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  1. demonym (used as a nickname) for a resident of the U.S. state of Indiana; a native or inhabitant of Indiana
  2. an alumnus or student of Indiana University; a member of one of Indiana University’s sports teams
  3. an awkward, unsophisticated person, especially a rustic person; a redneck

Her hubby is a native Hoosier, a resident of Indianapolis, Indiana.

Did the Hoosiers make it to the bowl game this year?

Bruh, did you see the gun-rack in his buddy’s pick-up? Such a hoosier he is.

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  1. the combination of New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin’s last name and the word “insanity”
  2. the hype, rage, and rise to fame of the Knicks’ starting point guard Jeremy Lin who spontaneously stunned the world with his amazing underdog story. He’s become an icon for people everywhere, and is drawing widespread attention over the racial boundaries surrounding him, his success, and his astounding playing skill
  3. the term used by NBA stars, sports pundits, celebrities and basketball fans alike to describe the phenomenon surrounding Jeremy Lin who went from being overlooked by multiple teams to breaking records in the game that is basketball. The unlikelihood of this occurrence is what made the term so contagious
  4. the coolness of each and everything that Jeremy Lin does

I’m feel the Linsanity everytime I watch Jeremy Lin score!

The Linsanity has caused basketball fans and people everywhere to feel it with each move that he does.

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