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an extremely serious traffic jam leaving motorists frustrated, they feel the world is collapsing around them.


The carmageddon of the century finally made the people snap and start a revolution.

I was so zonked I’m glad I slept my way through the carmageddon.

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  1. a portion of the road, mostly found in New Jersey, U.S.A., that curves tightly to form a shape resembling the handle of a jug
  2. a type of ramp or slip road that changes the way traffic turns left at an at-grade intersection (in a country where traffic drives on the right), forcing drivers approaching major intersections to exit to the right prior to making a left (or sometimes both a left and right) turn

Take the jughandle at the first exit to reach highway 101.

My first time in New Jersey and I’m already biffsquiggled AF seeing all those jughandles!

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