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  1. Means covfefe, with no other definition or explanation. It literally means covfefe.
  2. Originated from Donald Trump’s tweet: “Despite the constant negative press covfefe”

“Covfefe” was trending in the United States as Twitter rushed to get its gags in.

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  1. a portion of the road, mostly found in New Jersey, U.S.A., that curves tightly to form a shape resembling the handle of a jug
  2. a type of ramp or slip road that changes the way traffic turns left at an at-grade intersection (in a country where traffic drives on the right), forcing drivers approaching major intersections to exit to the right prior to making a left (or sometimes both a left and right) turn

Take the jughandle at the first exit to reach highway 101.

My first time in New Jersey and I’m already biffsquiggled AF seeing all those jughandles!

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  1. demonym (used as a nickname) for a resident of the U.S. state of Indiana; a native or inhabitant of Indiana
  2. an alumnus or student of Indiana University; a member of one of Indiana University’s sports teams
  3. an awkward, unsophisticated person, especially a rustic person; a redneck

Her hubby is a native Hoosier, a resident of Indianapolis, Indiana.

Did the Hoosiers make it to the bowl game this year?

Bruh, did you see the gun-rack in his buddy’s pick-up? Such a hoosier he is.

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means to “make America great again”; a campaign slogan popularized by Donald Trump during the 2016 US Presidential elections.


The fantabulous MAGA slogan of Mr. Trump was well-intended, but I’m not sure if he has this in heart.

Donald Trump’s MAGA campaign was a trumpload of false facts and accusations.

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dictatorship attempted through late night Twitter decrees, which have no legal basis or leverage.


This Trump guy is at it again, thinking he can do away with his twittatorship. Somebody pop his balls please and see if he can remasculate.

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