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used to refer to or address a person or thing whose name is unknown or forgotten, or does not wish to mention.


It’s a good thang we have this thingamajig around when we need it.

SOOF gurl I saw your ex, the thingamajig, oh fark I don’t remember his name!

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a wordoid used to refer to a meaningless language, speech, poem, or writing; nonsense.


The humdrum uses highfalutin jabberwocky to bamboozle people.

What jabberwocky are you saying, bro? It just leaves us confrazzled with all those senseless brouhaha.

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  1. a confused collection or mixture of different types of things that do not belong together or have been put together carelessly
  2. a jumble

The discussion we attended at the conference was a hodgepodge of different theories and ideas.

Schnizballs dude, why is there a hodgepodge of your stuff and scuzz in the toilet?

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  1. means “whatever”, “yeah”, or “yeah right”
  2. a combination of “ch” and “yeah”. When said fast and with ommpf, it sounds like “chuh”. Can be written or pronounced as “chyeah” or even “chia”

Chuh, as if!

Chuh, you’re right bruh.

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  1. a sticky and amorphous substance, something typically unpleasant
  2. a soft, shapeless lump of something
  3. worthless, hogwash, or overly sentimental writing, music, or other content

Schnizballs! I’m not eating that gloop of a glop!

The virality of this gloppy music is just ridonkulous dude.

#liquid #wet #moist #disgusting #gross #expressions #nonsense #worthless #stuff #whatever

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a small object, gadget or thing, especially one whose name the speaker does not know or cannot recall.


Hubby and I went to a garage sale filled with electronic parts, some doodad, and other valuable doohickeys.

Gurl what is this doohickey thang on your bed?

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